To introduce how you can benefit from FORTHEM and to give you a chance to meet colleagues working in the same discipline as you from the other FORTHEM universities, we are proposing a "FORTHEM Speed Dating" event in the field of language studies, literature, linguistics and communication.


FORTHEM invites all university members to get involved in the Alliance.

We encourage all teachers and researchers to get in touch with each other and to start an activity that could finally lead to our shared goals within FORTHEM:

  • - Adding an international component to your classes by collaborating with groups in the other universities
  • - Detecting possible areas for research collaboration
  • - Getting involved in FORTHEM Labs
  • - Developing shared tutored projects with colleagues for alliance students
  • - Setting up guest lectureships within the FORTHEM network (Erasmus+ funding)
  • - Organising and participating in joint staff weeks
  • - Developing joint e-learning courses for our FORTHEM Digital Academy-
  • - Developing ideas for future joint degree programmes


Registration for the event

The "FORTHEM Speed Dating" event will take place online.

In order to access more information about the event, access the event itself, and (nearer the date) find proposals and bio-notes from colleagues looking to collaborate in the areas of research or teaching, you are asked to fill in this form. The link to the webpage will be send automatically to the e-mail address you provided in the form. If you wish you may also share a short bio-note which will then be posted on the webpage. This way other colleagues will be able to identify the potential collaboration partners.