1st FORTHEM pilot course on English/X as a Medium of Instruction at the University of Valencia

Text: Sergio Maruenda-Bataller

The UV hosted the 1st FORTHEM pilot 30-hour course on English/X as a Medium of Instruction for 24 UV lecturers of various disciplines. This first edition counted on the virtual participation of several lecturers of the FORTHEM Lab in Multilingualism in Schools and Higher Education, through their lectures and seminars:


Dr Tarja Nikula (University of Jyvaskyla)

Rethinking language through EMI


Dr Magdalena Szyszka (University of Opole)

Pronunciation matters


Dr Elvira Montañés-Brunet (University of Valencia)

Introduction to EMI / Teaching methodologies and lesson planning


Dr Dmitri Leontjev (University of Jyvaskyla) and

Dr Sergio Maruenda Bataller (University of Valencia)

Assessment and evaluation in EMI


Dr Silvia Solá Viñals (Autonomous University of Barcelona) (Guest speaker)

EMI Competencies / EMI Reflective and Teaching Strategies


Dr Katarzina Molek-Kozakowska (University of Opole)

Multimodality in Academic Contexts


The program and format for this first pilot was discussed and agreed during the various output development meetings held during September 2020-June 2021. Besides the lectures and interactive seminars – where attendees could reflect, discuss, and practice key notions and strategies – participants were also able to put the contents into practice through micro-teaching and “show-and-tell” sessions, and receive feedback form their instructors and peers. Contents, reflections, and feedback have also been made available through the UV Digital Learning Environment and an ad-hoc Padlet.


Participants filled in questionnaires administered by the UV Centre for Education and Quality to evaluate the course. Results have shown a high degree of satisfaction with the quality of the staff, the contents and the materials provided, and value their experience very positively.


We hope we will continue developing the program and expect to be able to hold the next editions of this course in other universities of the FORTHEM Alliance!


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