On January 21, the Diversity and Migration Lab held its second progress meeting, and more than 30 people met to discuss the work in progress and the future of the lab.

The Lab has already achieved three outputs:

  1. Lecture series “Mobility and Migration in Europe” (1-25 February 2021), in cooperation with the Experiencing Europe Lab. The output has been led by Hanna-Mari Kivisto and Tuuli Lähdesmäki from the University of Jyväskylä;
  2. Workshop “Navigating in the System” (14 January 2021), led by Hanna-Mari Kivisto;
  3. Online Seminar “Impact of the Covid Crisis on Migrants” (20-21 April 2021), coordinated by Edith Wittenbrink from the University of Mainz.

Furthermore, nine more outputs are being worked on:

- A report on the multidisciplinary perspectives of diversity and migration;
- Three short-term mobilities. In particular, a winter school organized by University of Jyväskylä and two summer schools organized by University of Opole and University of Palermo;
- A media collection coordinated by Opole University;
- A project on International Racism in Higher Education, coordinated by University of Mainz;
- Two courses for the Digital Academy, coordinated by University of Palermo and University of Valencia;
- A pilot project, in collaboration with FIT FORTHEM, coordinate by University of Bourgogne.

During the second progress meeting, the members of the lab shared their opinions on the work they are doing. The meeting was also attended by PhD students and representatives from the two new partners joining the FORTHEM Alliance soon: University of Agder and University of Sibiu.

The last session of the meeting was dedicated to brainstorming on the future of the lab. Participants discussed the current structure of the lab and the opportunities for the next funding period of the FORTHEM Alliance. During this session, academic staff asked for a more intensive support for all the administrative tasks, and a lot of ideas were shared on how to improve the lab experience, such as the opportunity to involve more researchers, also from partners outside the Alliance.

Regarding the specific topic of the Diversity and Migration Lab, members pointed out the need to further develop the diversity topic, combining it with the inclusion one, according to the EC priority.


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