The FORTHEM Digital Academy has been officially launched and presented in Riga, on June 8th, during the final meeting of the FORTHEM Alliance. 

The Digital Academy is a set of eight interconnected e-learning platforms for virtual mobility, provision of online courses, collaboration and networking for students and staff. 

During the presentation, 13 new online courses were also presented, developed by teachers involved in the project. 

  • - 7 language courses, one for each national language of the FORTHEM partner universities: French, Spanish, German, Italian, Finnish, Polish, and Latvian. Most of these courses are provided in asynchronous modality, so students will be able to complete the activities according to their needs and schedules. However, some courses will also include synchronous activities, and direct communication between professors and students, in an international online classroom. 

  • - 6 multidisciplinary courses, developed by the FORTHEM Labs. These are innovative courses, strictly correlated to the topics of the FORTHEM Labs, co-created by academic staff, students, and external partners, covering different areas of knowledge. 

  1. Migration and Diversity Narratives: an intersectional approach – developed by FORTHEM “Diversity and Migration” Lab, administered by University of Valencia (UV)   

  2. Multilingual Learning Environments – developed by FORTHEM “Multilingualism in School and Higher Education” Lab, administered by University of Jyväskylä (JYU)   

  3. Research Methodology for Exploring Digital Transformation – developed by FORTHEM “Digital Transformation” Lab, administered by University of Palermo (Unipa)    

  4. Human Trafficking and Fundamental Rights: an overview – developed by FORTHEM “Diversity and Migration” Lab, administered by University of Palermo (Unipa)   

  5. European Entrepreneurship – developed by FORTHEM “Experiencing Europe” Lab, administered by University of Opole (UO)   

  6. Sedimentary Basin Records of Earth’s Climate – developed by FORTHEM “Climate and Resources” Lab, administered by University of Mainz (JGU)  

All these courses will be available in a few weeks. Some other courses are currently available, developed and provided by FORTHEM partner universities. 

In order to enrol in the courses provided through the Digital Academy, students need to access their local university’s e-learning platform. Find here the list of platforms: 

Find here further instructions on how to access the Digital Academy, how to enrol in FORTHEM courses, and other useful information. 


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