During the FIT FORTHEM Conference at University of Opole on 28-30 June 2022, the FIT FORTHEM team concludes the work done in the first half of the project’s duration (months 1-18) and summarizes the main achievements in its work packages. Each partner university presents what was planned and what has been done in the area it coordinates, and shares some of the transformational organizational practices and innovations that FIT FORTHEM has fostered.

This is followed by interventions from EU officials invited to the conference – project advisor Rinske van den Berg, and policy officer Stijn Delaure, and FIT FORTHEM External Advisory Board’s recommendations. The conference participants evaluate progress, share success stories and discuss the challenges confronted so far. Special sessions are devoted to such areas as open science and co-creation, human capital and research resources, or ways of making cultural heritage accessible.

Considering the milestones for both FIT FORTHEM and FORTHEM, the conference maps alignments and synergies with future FORTHEM and the new partners of the FORTHEM Alliance from University of Agder and Lucian Blaga University in Sibiu. The conference closes with a session on how FORTHEM can actively support Ukrainian scholars.

Please access the agenda here