Professional Research Management in Multicultural Exchange 

You are a research manager, technical or administrative officer supporting research teams at one of the FORTHEM partner organizations and want to learn more about interculturality and professional approaches in the field? You are a researcher confronted with the complexity of implementing research projects requiring very strong management skills? You are a student considering a career either in academia or in research management? If so, join our new workshop series!

Cooperation in a European and international context works smoothly if project partners know each other well. Understanding the possibilities and limits of the other, and acknowledging and addressing cultural differences, are the cornerstones of such partnerships. This applies to the interaction of individuals, institutions, disciplines and sectors. In this workshop series, we want to exchange knowledge on key topics in research management, identify best practices, prepare staff and faculty to adapt to a multicultural environment, and demonstrate how to professionally meet the challenges in future joint research and innovation activities.  

We will discuss a broad selection of topics, ranging from the management of European research projects to new forms of science communication and co-creation, or concepts of a more fruitful integration of multiple disciplines and sectors in research and innovation.


WORKSHOP 1: Successfully Managing EU Projects: Challenges and Strategies (JGU)

26 May 2021, AGENDA 

WORKSHOP 2: The nexus knowledge-market: university-industry cooperation, innovation management and entrepreneurship

5 July 2021, AGENDALink for registration: 

FIT FORTHEM co-creation workshops for FORTHEM Labs to connect and collaborate with university-external actors

Between April 2021 and March 2022, FIT FORTHEM will organize seven co-creation workshops together with each of the FORTHEM Labs for education, research and innovation.

To fully capitalize on R&I activities emerging in the different sectors, both in and outside of academia, there is need to co-create knowledge in close collaboration with stakeholders. Through our workshops, we aim to develop models of co-creation with the participation of both academic and non-academic sector, and to facilitate timely and appropriate reactions of living FORTHEM Labs to societal challenges.

In FIT FORTHEM co-creation workshops, we aim to connect the researchers and university students with the university-external actors (such as businesses, entrepreneurs, investors, public organizations, associations, NGOs, civil society).  You are most welcome to join our workshops if you are interested in working with our FORTHEM academics of different fields!

The aim of these workshops is to build a team, find research & innovation collaborators from different sectors, brainstorm and co-create research-based solutions, or even find investors or funding for co-creation projects. The thematic areas arise from the needs of the FORTHEM Labs and will be announced in the detailed workshop descriptions.

Workshops are organized either online, hybrid or in-person. Please check the date and form of each workshop below by clicking the event you are interested in participating. Contact for further details of the workshops.


WORKSHOP 1: Science as a Civic Skill – Citizen Science in schools (JYU and UO)

27 April 2021, more details

31 May 2021, more details

WORKSHOP 2: Digital Transformation in Societies (JYU and UV)

17 June 2021, more details