• All points below will be constantly updated due to the newest available information.

  • Last update June 30, 2022.

Below you can find links to information about initiatives that have been set up by each FORTHEM university to help Ukrainians:

Here is an overview of the actions taken so far:

University of Opole

  • →      accommodation for refugees in the Student Dormitories (about 270 refugees are accommodated); 
  • →      catering for refugees from Ukraine; 
  • →      collection and distribution of food, cleaning supplies, and clothing; 
  • →      fundraising campaign to address individual, specialized needs of Ukrainian refugees; 
  • →      organization of the Polish language courses; 
  • →      psychological support in Ukrainian; 
  • →      assistance with child care - daycare center for children in the Student Cultural Center; 
  • →      University Clinical Hospital in Opole provides specialized medical assistance free of charge for refugees from Ukraine; 
  • →      organization of integration events (e.g. Integration Picnic "Polish-Ukrainian Meeting"); 
  • →      individual counseling, help with formal issues (kindergarten, school enrolling, help with finding a job, etc.) 

University of Jyväskylä

  • →      all Finnish universities are currently collecting information on study on programmes in English that can be offered virtually and/or as contact teaching in 2022-23 for Ukrainian students free of charge and a system for enrolling students to these programmes and courses is being set up;
  • →      Ukrainian students can take English-taught Open University courses free of charge;
  • →      Ukrainian students who are admitted to the English-medium Master’s  degree programmes get free tuition;
  • →      Ministry of Education and Culture is planning a scholarship programme for Ukrainian students;
  • →      universities (like UEF) with official partnership exchange agreements with Ukrainian universities have launched scholarship programmes to receive a number of partner university students to Finland as exchange students;
  • →      study guidance and counselling for Ukrainian students is being planned at JYU and at other Finnish universities of the SIMHE network (SIMHE = Supporting Immigrants in Higher Education in Finland);
  • →      psychosocial support for Ukrainian students is being planned 

Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz

  • →      Mental Health Services for Students supports Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz students who are affected by the war in Ukraine with a specific group counseling offer and  individual counseling;
  • →      various aids (e.g. short-term financial support) are available for students who find themselves in an acute emergency;
  • →      the Refugee Law Clinic Mainz offers free legal advice for refugees in the fields of asylum, residence law and civil law issues;
  • →      help with administrative matters provided by Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz employees;
  • →      assistance with translations and language courses;
  • →      the Institute of Art History is prepared to host scholars and students from Ukraine at risk as academic guests in the field of art history. More Information about Funding and support;
  • →      the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz art school would like to offer art students from Ukraine an unbureaucratic admission as guest students (e.g. from the 'National Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture of Ukraine);
  • →      lectures and support offers https://polnisch.fb06.uni-mainz.de/krieg-in-der-ukraine/;

University of Valencia

  • →      studying each of the cases of the currently enrolled Ukrainian and Russian students to offer them support and help;
  • →      in coordination with the Conference of Spanish Rectors, studying the possibility of enrolling Ukrainian students;
  • →      the donation of school material to the NGO Juntos por la vida is planned;
  • →      psychological care will be offered in collaboration of Psychologists without Borders and a team of volunteers from the Faculty of Psychology and Speech Therapy;
  • →      offering introductory Spanish courses for adults, young people, and children;
  • →      provide advice on managing residence, work and university procedures (in coordination with the Spanish National Police);
  • →      socio-educational and recreational activities will be organised for the newly arrived children to facilitate their socialisation and language learning;
  • →      trying to enable the hosting of Ukrainian research and teaching staff, in coordination with the Regional Secretary for Universities and Research;
  • →      participate! is a volunteer programme at the University of Valencia so that all members of the university community can participate voluntarily in the different initiatives included in this action plan

University of Palermo

  • →      accommodation and catering for students from Ukraine;
  • →      30 scholarships for students from Ukraine who will be enrolled to a degree program or to a single class of the University;
  • →      psychological support in English and Italian;
  • →      accommodation for families of students (about 10 people) in  collaboration with local authorities;
  • →      support for the resident permit/immagration issues;
  • →      opportunity to complete the vaccination path and to obtain the full vaccination certificate

University of Burgundy

  • →      Coordination by the International Office of the arrival of refugees with all the university departments and services but also with partners (student housing office, associations working directly with refugees)
  • →      French classes are offered to refugees in order to prepare them for the beginning of the classes in September
  • →      collection of clothing and necessities among students and university staff
  • →      organisation of a Conference with Ukraine's specialist Alexandra Gougeon
  • →      regular meetings of the rector with Ukrainian students
  • →      funding the stay of researchers in our research units
  • →      member of the Ukrainian Global University.

University of Agder

  • →      offering preparatory English courses
  • →      easier admission requirements to individual subjects taught in English for ALL refugees, no matter where they come from, for the upcoming year
  • →      free babysitting for the students taking the English course. 

ERA4UKRAINE is a database for European grants and research projects

Job database offers ERC funded research-teams and Horizon grants: https://euraxess.ec.europa.eu/ukraine

#scienceforukraine is a community group of volunteer students and research scientists from academic institutions in Europe and around the world

Offer and search for academic research positions: https://scienceforukraine.eu/about.html

Ukraine uni foundation is a tool to share information about initiatives by various European universities to support students fleeing the war in Ukraine

Website allowing to search for a Higher Education Institution to see their latest available information about the emergency shelter, health support, scholarship and application procedure during the war in Ukraine: https://ukraine.uni-foundation.eu

Support for Opole University

All partner universities will reallocate 1500 EUR to support University of Opole in organization of language courses for Ukrainian students.

Lab Diversity and Migration

The Lab plans to invite experts for international law and institutional authorities from Ukraine to a conference.