Different public structures and organisations (schools, cultural centres, research institutes, local public bodies…) as well as NGOs can become our associated partners.

What can you do?

  • o     organise with us events related to the activities of the Alliance
  • o     together with our students, initiate and implement transnational projects for development, solidarity and awareness linked to the goals of the Agenda 2030 of the United Nations,
  • o     help us initiate co-creation workshops and Labs projects in your area, working on one of the topics of crucial societal relevance
  • o     provide internships and volunteering work
  • o     sign up for or support FORTHEM in preparing courses, summer schools or webinars,
  • o     start networking with science managers on developing R&I practices that help your organization,
  • o     consult and contribute to policy briefs, white papers and academic publications,
  • o     support our students in devising and realizing civic engagement projects,
  • o     help us to promote the Alliance

What can you get?

  • o     expanded reach and visibility of your organization,
  • o     new partners with similar interests in the regions of the FORTHEM Alliance,
  • o     information and data you need,
  • o     firsthand access to educational and research agendas of the universities,
  • o     well-trained interns,
  • o     paths to additional financing through partnering with FORTHEM in applications for national and European-funded projects.

Local, regional and national policy makers

What can you do?

  • o     participate in surveys, joint meetings and events on European, national and regional R&I policies,
  • o     network and develop new policy ideas based on FORTHEM experiences,
  • o     get expert advice form researchers, science managers and administrators,
  • o     exchange best practices with equivalent institutions in partner countries,
  • o     lobby for the solutions that interest you.

What can you get?

  • o     answers to strategic questions,
  • o     valuable feedback with diverse local, national and European perspectives,
  • o     research-based policy inputs,
  • o     firsthand access to educational and research agendas that are developed in the FORTHEM Alliance,
  • o     networking with similar institutions to achieve common goals.

Academic institutions and networks

What can you do?

  • o     participate in academic conferences and events organized by the FORTHEM Alliance,
  • o     take part in surveys and working meetings to develop European R&I policies,
  • o     register for open training workshops and match-making events,
  • o     network and exchange best practices on such issues as open science, internationalization, academic careers, or science communication,
  • o     join us in writing grant applications and contribute to common projects and publications,
  • o     support us in reviewing and improving academic outputs.

What can you get?

  • o     increased level of international collaboration in your institution,
  • o     information about the latest developments in the academia, including research orientations and R&I agendas,
  • o     partners with specific expertise and experience,
  • o     access to resources and support networks hosted by FORTHEM universities,
  • o     invitations to join research teams and consortia,
  • o     increased funding opportunities with strong international R&I teams.

Special cooperation possibilities for schools

FORTHEM Alliance offers different possibilities for local schools and teacher education in partner cities and their regions to increase international activities. It is possible for a school to welcome student trainees from FORTHEM universities, so that they can complete an internship for their teacher education degrees. We also offer short trainings for teachers and summer schools, where they can form their own professional networks, exchange good practices and plan future joint projects.

Developing a deeper learning curriculum for 21st century European classrooms

Dates: 23rd - 26th May, 2022. Venue: University of Valencia.

Teachers from a wide range of subjects (STEAM, social sciences, languages, arts etc.) are welcome to work together in the development and evaluation of multilingual and multidisciplinary deeper learning materials and processes that promote democratic cultures in classrooms across Europe.

Three teachers from each of the seven regions will take part in the Summer School, but the course will also be open to teachers from other European regions.

Here is some practical information about your stay:

Erasmus+ Key Action 122-SCH - Apply for funding at your school

Travel cost: 400 euros is the average price for a return flight to Valencia

Dinner: You can easily dine for approximately 15 euros in Valencia

After having been accepted to the Summer School, you will receive information about hotels in Valencia with special prices for you. Thus, you will be able to book a double room for single use, breakfast and VAT included, at prices between 67 and 85 euros per night.

Arrival date: Sunday, 22/05/2022
Departure date: Friday, 27/05/2022

We will also give you the opportunity to:

•    book for free a bus+metro card with 10 trips
•    register for free for a city centre guided tour

If you are interested, please read carefully through the call and submit your application until 26th November 2021!

FORTHEM Alliance partner universities provide possibilities for teacher training in FORTHEM Alliance areas. This form of internationalisation is a possibility of life-long learning provided for teachers working in schools located in the FORTHEM Alliance regions.

We organise six half-day online professional teacher trainings from September 2021 to June 2022.

The training courses are open for teachers and educators from all FORTHEM partner countries and will be offered in English on the following topics:

  1. Heterogeneity and internal differentiation
  2. Counselling
  3. Interculturality
  4. Project-based learning

The trainings on Counselling and Interculturality are aimed at teachers and educators of secondary schools and other educational institutions for all subjects.

The trainings on Heterogeneity and internal Differentiation and Project-based learning are addressed to foreign language teachers from secondary schools.

Three teachers from each of the seven countries will take part in the online teacher trainings.

More information can be found at:

  1. Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz website
  2. Summary of all the courses
  3. Registration open for Professional Teacher Training

Please take into account that:
-your registration is binding
-you are required to provide a serious e-mail address
-registrations without complete data will not be considered

FORTHEM Labs is a FORTHEM function that invites all the interested parties -school teachers, students, associated partners, university staff and experts- to collectively ideate activities around different topics. Co-creation might lead into concrete outcomes in forms of new courses, new business ideas or services, for example. We bring together teachers, researchers and practitioners from FORTHEM Alliance university surroundings to make our everyday work more meaningful. Read more and join the Labs you are interested in!

FORTHEM is creating a school network to offer internships for teacher education students. Check our call and send your school’s internship offer, using this form, to the FORTHEM Office of your region.

If you are a teacher education student, you may apply for an internship here.

Do you want to become Alliance’s partner?
Local FORTHEM offices are here to give you all the necessary information.