Different public structures and organisations (schools, cultural centres, research institutes, local public bodies…) as well as NGOs can become our associated partners by:

  1. helping us to promote the Alliance,
  2. organising with us events to inform different target audiences about possibilities offered by our Alliance,
  3. together with our students, initiate and implement transnational projects for development, solidarity and awareness linked to the goals of the Agenda 2030 of the United Nations,
  4. joining our Labs projects to work on one of the topics of crucial societal relevance,
  5. providing internships for our students,


Special cooperation possibilities for schools

FORTHEM Alliance offers different possibilities for local schools in partner cities to increase their international activities. It is possible for a school to welcome a student trainee from FORTHEM universities, to complete the internship for their teacher education degree. We also offer summer schools for teachers, where they can form their own professional networks, exchange good practices and plan future joint projects.

Do you want to become Alliance’s partner?
Local FORTHEM offices are here to give you all the necessary information.