You can apply for different short-term mobility programmes which give you a chance to take part in a week-long activity (up to 5 days) as part of a group of international students who will meet physically on site in one of our 7 universities.

While some of the collective mobility programmes target students from specific scientific fields others are open to students of different level and areas of study.

Every programme will have approximately 35 students (5 from each of our 7 partner universities) and will be conducted in English, unless otherwise stated.  

All students enrolled in one of our 7 universities are eligible to apply. 

We launch two calls for applications per year – in autumn for mobilities taking place between March and August and in spring for mobilities taking place between September and February. 

There are no open calls for applications at the moment. The next call will open in autumn 2021 for mobilities which will take place between March and August 2022. Meanwhile, you can take a look at the usual application procedure here below to get an idea about the process to undertake when the next call opens. 

Application procedure

Check the list of previously proposed programmes to have an idea of the possible activities organised in the frame of short-term mobilities.

Fill in the online application form and attach all the requested documents. 

What you should know

  1. All applications should be in English.
  2. Only complete applications, submitted via the online form with all necessary documents before the deadline, will be accepted.
  3. You can apply for a maximum of 2 collective and 1 individual mobility programme.
  4. You are encouraged to apply for the programmes taking place in your home university as well – even if you won’t travel abroad you can benefit from the programme activities and international context by being part of the group of students coming from 6 foreign universities.
  5. If you have already attended FORTHEM short-term mobility you can reapply! You may submit your application each time we publish a new call for applications but please note that students that have not participated in the FORTHEM mobility previously will be given priority.

Your application will be checked by the FORTHEM offices and transmitted to the project organisers for a final selection.

Using the selection criteria announced, project organisers will produce a list of 5 students per university admitted to the programme, plus a waiting list for other applicants who will receive a notification if a place becomes available.

You will receive an answer to your application by email approximately 4 to 6 weeks after we close the applications.

If you are selected, you must confirm your participation by clicking on the link provided in the email within one week after receiving your application acceptance.

Students who no longer want to participate should notify the FORTHEM office of the organising university as soon as possible.

Important FAQ to be read before you apply

You will need to submit your CV, which is mandatory document for any short-term activity.

However, most of them also request additional documents such as motivational letter and in some cases a transcript of records, poster or sketch. 

Students on a waiting list may be contacted if and when places become available for them after the first round of confirmation has been completed. They will also need to confirm their participation within one week after being contacted.

Students who no longer want to remain on a waiting list should notify the FORTHEM office of the organising university.

You have the option of either accepting the programme you have been chosen for, hence removing you from the waiting list of the second programme or, you can decline the first programme you were accepted to and see if you get in from the waiting list.

If you choose the second option, you may receive an email in the following weeks when the organisers have finalised which students have confirmed their participation and a space becomes available (it should be noted that a space is not always guaranteed to open).

The hosting university will provide free housing accommodation for the entire duration of the programme and 2 meals a day.

However, all students will be responsible for organising their own travel by themselves. To cover your travel costs you will be given a travel grant between 180€ to 360€ depending on which university you are traveling to.

Any additional expenses are not covered by FORTHEM Alliance.

For more information about funding you can contact the local FORTHEM office at your home university.

There are no penalties, you can withdraw any time you want. If you have already received a grant, you will have to reimburse it entirely.

Students who decide to withdraw from a program should notify the FORTHEM office of the hosting university as soon as possible.

All physical mobilities have been affected due to the health pandemic. FORTHEM is working closely with the organisers to assure you the safest participation in the selected events. Most of the proposed programmes offer a virtual alternative in case the restrictions prevent you from travelling. However, due to the nature of programmes some of them do not offer a virtual possibility (sports events, archaeological excavations…).

If it is not possible to organise the programme on the predicted dates safely, the organisers will inform the selected participants of different alternatives (postponement, cancellation).

Because of the unpredictable situation we advise you not to make any reservations until you receive final confirmation form the organisers (30 days before the start date of the activity).