The Diversity and Migration Lab aims to analyze contemporary migratory movement, starting from the European zone and then extending to other close areas, with research orientation that focuses on a resource-based view of the political choices of the various national, regional and local institutions, whilst also considering the emergence and development of public / private networks that also involve to varying degrees the most active elements in the newly-arrived populations.

The lab, pursuing a participatory and pluralistic approach, will also involve external subjects, municipal and regional departments and single persons such as migrants, voluntary associations and NGOs. Students will have a central role and the lab will provide them an expertise in this area.

Research areas

The Lab will use multiple disciplinary skills and perspective, in particular it will explain the subtopic related to:

  1. Human rights, mobility and migration, with a special focus on migration, mobility, citizenship, and social security;
  2. Spaces, places, cities with a focus on the structure and deficiencies of the districts where migrants and weaker social strata are concentrated, but at the same time on the problems related to their dispersion in extra-urban - especially rural - contexts
  3. Analysis of hate speech and fake news, with regard also to the current European context and to the sovereign policies of some member states;
  4. Analysis of migrants narratives’ with particular regard to their life experiences (both regarding language and asylum seeking)
  5. Multilingualism and linguistic rights, with particular regard to teaching in multilingual classes;
  6. Migration literature with particular regard to overcoming the concept of national literature and the contribution of non-native writers;
  7. Health and migration, with a special regard to the health conditions of migrants, particularly women and minors.

Lab contact information

Alliance level Contact persons

University level Contact Persons

Associated partners contributing to the Lab

Planned outputs of the Lab and current work in

Diversity and Migration Lab collects several participants, so the working groups aim to achieve several outputs:

  • 1 publication about the general topic of Diversity and Migration;
  • 1 winter/summer school related to the topic of Migration policies in the Alliance’s countries;
  • 2 or more modules for Digital Academy, connected to the human rights and language of migrants;
  • 1 webinar on language teaching as tool of inclusion;
  • 1 mobility project to develop the artistic representation of migration phenomena;
  • 1 collaborative book about the narratives of life experience of migrants and the role of media in effecting the process of identity construction;
  • 1 mobility project for internship, related to the topic of human rights.

Highlighted events of the Lab

Alliance level Kick-off meeting 27th and 28th April 2020

Several Alliance level meetings in March and April 2020