Mobility Goals

By 2022, FORTHEM alliance will have increased innovative forms of student and staff mobility

  • - 20 individual short-term mobility activities related to research/year
  • - 10 collective short-term activities/year
  • - 7 new joint degrees
  • - full use of ‘Erasmus Without Paper’ and
  • - adopting the European Student Card
  • - 30% of FORTHEM’s university members experience physical, blended or virtual mobility by 2022.

Overall tasks

Short-term mobility activities

  • - 20 individual short-term research mobility activities
  • - 10 collective short-term activities: Common summer and winter schools:
  1.  Joint thematic workshops and ‘conferences’ for PhD students
  2.  Blended learning courses
  3.  Joint dissemination events of FORTHEM Labs
  4.  Double language learning-oriented courses
  5.  The annual FORTHEM student conference
  6.  The FORTHEM Model of European Union
  • - 10 guest lectureships among the FORTHEM network per year
  • - Harmonized staff weeks
  • - 2 joint staff weeks

Long-term mobility activities for students

  • - Expanding the joint European Studies Master
  • - Setting up 3 new joint degrees by 2022 and having started with implementing 4 more joint degrees
  • - Developing the concept of the FORTHEM CAMPUS

as well as

  • - Harmonizing ERASMUS agreements and administration of mobility
  • - Piloting ‘ERASMUS Without Paper’ Introducing the ‘European Student Card’
  • - Providing inclusive mobility activities


This is an innovative form of a semester-long intensive programme related to one of the seven FORTHEM Labs topics based on the model of the Euro Campus

The FORTHEM Campus is a jointly organised semester programme on rotating hosting campuses that gathers students from all FORTHEM universities. Each FORTHEM Campus is thematically oriented and offers students a semester-long programme using Erasmus+ mobility funding; all the courses are taught by teachers from FORTHEM universities. In contrast to a regular ERASMUS stay, the FORTHEM Campus provides a structured framework that aims at encouraging even the more hesitant students to spend time abroad. Due to the rotating organisation, all universities are included in the organisation, and all locations, even those which may appear less attractive from the students' viewpoint, are equally advertised and included.

First FORTHEM Campus will be organised in autumn semester 2021/2022 at the University of Burgundy around the topic "Foods and Fooding".

The FORTHEM Alliance call is open

Between 27th of October and 13th ofDecember, students from FORTHEM universities are invited to apply for collective or individual short-term mobility in 2021.

More information on application for Collective mobility please find here and for Individual mobility please find here.