Review Process

Applications will be checked by the sending FORTHEM office of your home university; all eligible applications will be forwarded to the companies by the receiving FORTHEM office of the host university. The companies will select the most suitable candidates. The companies may get in touch with students already during the selection process. The companies may require the applicants to conduct an online interview. After being notified by the companies, the successful candidates will have to inform the receiving FORTHEM office about their admittance to the internship. To do this, they will fill the “Information about Admittance Form” and send it to the FORTHEM office of their host university, as well as the home university before they start the internship.

Furthermore, they will commit to submitting the Internship Assessment Form once the internship has come to an end. Only students who obtain an Erasmus+ traineeship grant are exempted from filling in this questionnaire.