An illustrative photo: Digital corpus expert Hédi Maazaoui (left), Scientific Manager for FORTHEM Lab Actions Dr. Tamás Péter Szabó and Prof. Laurent Gautier (right) in their meeting at the University of Burgundy in Dijon

Due to the restrictions imposed by Covid-19, all the partner universities participated through Zoom environment.

From the 31st of March till 2nd of April FORTHEM Multilingualism in School and Higher Education Lab Alliance level kick-off was organized by University of Jyväskylä as virtual webinar.

The presentations were mostly pre-recorded and streamed at the kick-off, and were followed by live discussion. A virtual research fair was also organized where participants discussed research and pedagogical development projects related to the following topics: “Multilingual and language aware teacher education” and “Innovative multilingual pedagogies”, “Innovative multilingual learning environments and teacher education” and “Multilingual learning environments”, as well as “Multilingualism in higher education” and “Research on multiliteracies”.

More information can be found on the webpage: