FORTHEM Steering Committee Virtual meeting will take place on May 19, 2020, @10.00 CET

The composition of the alliance governance body ensures that the alliance can keep track of, and in some cases, influence important university-level developments, such as the revision of institutional policies and actions plans. It also ensures that progress towards harmonized administrative processes is not hindered by institutional policies.

FORTHEM Alliance has achieved some results and has been in the process of implementing the actions in following project work packages-

  • WP 1 : Project Management ,
  • WP 2 : Common Structures,
  • WP 3: Digital Academy,
  • WP 4 : Innovative Mobility Structures,
  • WP 5: FORTHEM Labs,
  • WP 6 : Societal Involvement,
  • WP 7 : Dissemination and Sustainability

So this the right time to FORTHEM Alliances Steering Committee members to finally meet and to discuss current issues related to FORTHEM current and future development.

See the provisional agenda of the meeting attached.