Experiencing Europe Lab introduced its works on 5th-6th May during the International Kick-Off Meeting which was chaired by the University of Opole. The meeting started with the introduction of FORTHEM Experiencing Europe Lab by Dr. Barbara Curyło - Lab Coordinator, followed by the presentation of FORTHEM Labs by Dr. Tamás Péter Szabó - Scientific Manager for FORTHEM Lab Actions.

On 5th May, one session of the meeting was designated for presenting seven Experiencing Europe Local Labs within all partner universities, after which the most hoped-for session took place – brainstorming. Participants took part in defining common denominators, discussing ideas, reflecting on common actions as well as diagnosing essential challenges in European public sphere for Experiencing Europe Lab research.

6th May began with stating and scheduling tasks of Experiencing Europe Lab, defining modus operandi of Experiencing Europe Lab and scheduling next Experiencing Europe Lab Alliance level meetings. The productive event ended with a brief summary of the results.