One of the three meetings organized by FORTHEM Alliance’s Multilingualism in School and Higher Education Lab.

The FORTHEM Alliance’s Multilingualism in School and Higher Education Lab will organize three meetings to plan future outputs of the Lab.

The meetings will involve discussions and negotiations about the content and organizational issues such as sharing the workload, finding managers responsible for the working team of each output, setting deadlines, etc. We invite everyone interested in FORTHEM Labs to join us in the meetings. Previous participation in Lab activities is not a requirement, new members are welcomed and appreciated!

23 June 13:00–14:30 CET / 14:00–15:30 EET: Genres and multimodal meaning-making in multilingual education & X as a medium of instruction

This output explores possibilities in multilingual pedagogies from the perspective of a genre approach and multimodal meaning-making aspect. The initial stages of the output include online meetings or workshops, and the long-term goal is to create learning materials for the FORTHEM Digital Academy as well as a resource package and programs for member universities.

All meetings are arranged via Zoom. Please register here by 20 June: