One of the three meetings organized by Multilingualism in School and Higher Education Lab.

30 June 14:00–15:30 CET / 15:00–16:30 EET: Chatbots and online interactions: from static Q & A to Humane Technology and plurilingualism, and Plain and Easy Languages in Europe: Multilingual Resources for linguistic based tools.

Output “Chatbots and online interactions” aims at promoting plurilingualism and intercultural interactions through the use of chatbots by a) developing a multilingual Natural Language Understanding engine that could be implemented and used by every FORTHEM Alliance member, and b) by providing a framework to favor and facilitate direct interactions between people from different cultures through chatbots.

Output “Plain and Easy Languages in Europe” seeks to produce contributions to the Easy Language movement that strives for communicative inclusion of cognitively disabled people and people from different linguistic backgrounds. The output’s contributions come especially from a technological aspect.

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