The Virtual Digital Transformation Kick-off Lab took place on 10th November hosted by the Universitat de València.

The meeting started with the introduction and acknowledgements of Dr. Jose Carlos Pedrosa (General Coordinator of the Lab), Olga Lenzi (Collaborator of the management and organization of the Lab.), Carlos Padilla Carmona (Vice-Rector of Internationalisation and Cooperation) and Tamás Peter Szabó (Scientific Manager for FORTHEM Lab Actions).  

The aim of the Lab was to analyse and research about current and relevant issues related to the digitization process in which societies are immersed. 

The Kick-off meeting served to discuss, negotiate and reach agreement on the different topics proposed by each of the 7 Universities of the Alliance on the Digital Transformation subject. Also to create working groups of at least 3 Universities. 

There were 33 participants and the experience was very fruitful in terms of getting to know each other, making contact with those in charge of the Labs of the other Universities and collaboration between the different interested parties. 

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