The 2020 edition of the European Researchers’ Night took place on November 27th. FORTHEM Alliance was reprenseted in this well-known international event linking research and the citizens by two partners: University of Burgundy and University of Jyväskylä.

European Researchers’ Night at the University of Burgundy

Since 2006  uB co-organizes the European Researchers’ Night with other 14 universities in France. For this 2020 edition, the topic was “Little Nocturnal Secrets”. To face sanitary situation challenge the organization team conceptualized a new format of the event: a web-documentary with five corners - the mystical objects, the trade secrets, a show, radio interviews and the Researchers around the world. You can have a look on this web-documentary here.  

During the night of 27th November, people had the chance to watch the live event with researchers explaining their projects research areas. Fred Debeaufort, the Food Science Lab Alliance Coordinator, and Alexandra Laurent, the Resilience, Life Quality and Demographic Change Lab Coordinator at uB participated to the discussion. Besides presenting their research projects and anecdotes, they also spoke about their involvement in FORTHEM and the goals of our alliance in research.  

You can find the video of the Live-Event here and you also have the opportunity to watch a video of Fred Debeaufort talking about bio-packaging.  


European Researchers’ Night at the University of Jyväskylä

The University of Jyväskylä was one of the five Finnish institutions that participated in the Researchers’ Night in Finland. FORTHEM was also present in the night in the form of FORTHEM Labs. 

Labs presented themselves and their on-going and up-coming work in a virtual Zoom session, as the pandemic had forced the event to migrate online. The session opened with the JYU’s local FORTHEM team introducing the concept of FORTHEM and Labs, followed by the presentation of Multilingualism Lab’s citizen science pilot and its preliminary results. The pilot was conducted together with pre-service teachers and pupils from the Mankola comprehensive school, and involved studying multilingualism from different perspectives. Some of the pupils involved in the pilot were also present and presented their findings from the research they had conducted as part of the pilot. Read more about the pilot study:

The citizen science pilot was followed by introduction of several FORTHEM Labs by the local Lab contact persons. The contact persons introduced their topics of their respective Labs and explained what their work – present and future – was focused on. 

Read more about the Researchers' Night at JYU: