Creative Learning Lab explores online-offline dynamics with approaches of creative learning, beginning in February

Are you interested in exploring the unlimited possibilities of learning and education with your peers? Creative Learning Lab might be the community for you. What started as a random idea by three project researchers of a Creative Expertise (ULA) -project having a coffee break at a Finnish teacher education department of University of Jyväskylä, is now being piloted as a grass-roots-level Creative Learning Lab experience during Spring term 2021. 

Creative Learning Lab gathers students and beginning researchers in the field of education to discuss, share knowledge and learn together in an informal atmosphere and experimental manner. We are interested in a wide-range of topics, spanning art-based learning (e.g. creative writing, visual art, music), games in learning, future thinking and future learning skills, parent/home and school collaboration, as well as phenomenon-based and curiosity education. The sessions can be proposed and hosted by anyone: You may suggest a topic that interests you and ask the Creative Expertise (ULA) -team to host the Lab session. Playful activities including, but not limited to, exploring the outdoors, immersing in the arts and challenging one another with online gaming will be incorporated in the sessions. 

Our debut session titled “Making Sense of Our Senses” takes place online on 5 February, Friday. Inspired by contemporary art practices, it is a series of learning exercises revolving around sound and bodyscape, sense of smell and human connection. We are going to look at a few cases of trending contemporary art practices as an access point for us to reactivate and reconnect with our senses during moments of isolation in the world.  

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