The “FORTHEM Alliance” is launching its second call for short-term mobility applications in 2020/2021 (third in total). FORTHEM aims to open up new possibilities for students to travel and study in FORTHEM Alliance universities.

Between the 15th of March and the 20th of April 2021, students from all partner universities are invited to apply for collective or individual short-term mobility in 2021. Detailed information on the projects, FAQ and the application form are accessible here.

Collective mobility programmes cater to students of different levels and areas of study, some of them are open to all, others are more specialised and targeted to specific groups of students. It allows students to be part of a group of approximately 35 students, 5 coming from each of the partner universities, who will meet physically on site in one university.  There are 8 new collective short-term mobility programmes that are being organised from September 2021 to February 2022, giving you a chance to take part in an organised week-long activity (5 days maximum on site). Unless otherwise specified, English will be the main language spoken in all the programmes.  General information for all 8 proposed programmes can be found here.

Individual mobilities are for students who have a study project for which they need to travel alone to one of our partner universities for a maximum period of 10 days on site, during the study programme; this can be funded by the FORTHEM alliance (travel costs, accommodation and living expenses).