JGU Mainz starts a roadshow through the university to inform about the current state-of-performance in FORTHEM and the new FIT FORTHEM project!

It's half-time in FORTHEM! For 1.5 years, the seven partner universities have been working on a lasting partnership, a real European University. Exchange and cooperation with non-academic partners are on the agenda, but also questions about joint research agendas and the shared use of human and infrastructural resources play a central role. Besides the main project funded by ERASMUS plus a new Horizon 2020 project – FIT FORTHEM, was obtained and kicked-off in January.

This results in a wide range of opportunities and possibilities for participation for researchers, teachers, students and staff. Dr. Tanja Herrmann and Dr. Nicole Birkle from JGU international office and Research Services will present these to the JGU departments and other core committees and facilities together with researcher and students who are already involved.

A roadshow through the departments and core committees and facilities of the University offers the opportunity to get to promote the activities of the FORTHEM Alliance, including the new project FIT FORTHEM, even better and, above all, make the appropriate key players visible for people interested in getting involved in the FORTHEM actions.