Universities of Jyväskylä and Valencia in FORTHEM Alliance are organizing a free-of-charge virtual workshop to network and share ideas in the digitalization of societies on Thursday, June 17th at 10-14 CET. This workshop serves as a kick off for sharing ideas, networking and starting new collaborations in different fields. You’ll get to meet and network with experts from the FORTHEM universities - and we hope to attract people from private companies, public organizations, NGOs and other relevant stakeholders to facilitate collaboration. 

Constant digitalization is part of our everyday life and it has been even further accelerated by the COVID-19 health crisis. The impact of the digital transformation generates many challenges in different areas of societies. FORTHEM Digital Transformation Lab, expert group consisting of academics in 7 universities of FORTHEM alliance, was established to investigate those societal challenges. They are working in different fields, such as economy and education, in political, legal, social and cultural issues, not to forget artificial intelligence upon societies. 


Digital Transformation Lab is now calling the university external actors to collaborate with them, to further understand and work with the challenges and opportunities of digitalization. See the speakers and full program of the event here.

The workshop will begin with a short introduction to the Digital Transformation Lab and Horizon Europe - the biggest effort of EU to fund research and innovation. We will shortly cover how stakeholders from different fields, institutions and organizations can apply for funding together to better recognize and react to societal challenges and opportunities of digitalization.  

After the introduction, the academics from different universities will facilitate short sessions of different topics in four modules: 

Module 1: The digitalization of the economy 

Module 2: Artificial intelligence upon societies 

Module 3: Political, legal, social and cultural issues 

Module 4: Knowledge, education and health 

These module sessions will work as a starting point for future collaboration, with a short introduction given by the academics followed by an interactive discussion with the participants. At the end of the event, we will wrap up the discussions and envision future collaboration possibilities. 


This workshop is for all who are dealing with digital transformation; for academic communities, for people who work in economy or education, political, legal, social or cultural fields, public or private companies/organizations, political parties, NGOs, associations. For you, who recognize the challenges and opportunities in the digitalization and are interested in having a dialogue with the European Universities.  


Register to the workshop by June 15, 2021 here. You will receive a link to the event upon registration by email. 

Language of the workshop will be English.