Two new editions of "FORTHEM Speed Dating” took place on the 29th April and 3rd May 2021.

On 29th April, University of Jyväskylä hosted the event for the experts in educational sciences and teacher education. There were participants from all of the FORTHEM universities, and the total number of attendees was 49.  At least one initiative for a joint webinar series for PhD students has been presented after the event. 19 participants filled in the feedback form. Mostly, the experience was positive, and we also received valuable feedback and suggestions for improvement of the event for the future.   

The other one was dedicated to biology and environmental sciences, and it was hosted by the University of Burgundy via the platform zoom. 35 academics, PhDs and students from the 7 partners’ universities participated. Participants worked in different subgroups (Environmental Protection, Applied Environmental Science, Biology, Plant physiology Botany and Ecology, Human and Animal physiology, Hydrobiology Microbiology and Biotechnology, Molecular biology Zoology and Animal ecology). A project of a summer school emerged during the meeting and other ideas were also presented after the subgroups sessions.  

The feedback of the participants was very positive.  

The next “FORTHEM Speed Dating” events will be in the field “Physics and Mathematics” on 3rd of June 2021, “Business and Administration” on 8th of June.