from 17 February to 15 April 2021, output development teams of FORTHEM Labs could apply for additional funding to develop courses for Digital Academy.

The application process was coordinated by University of Palermo’s FORTHEM Office with the lead of Prof. Sabine Hoffmann, head of WP3 Digital Academy. Funding applications were evaluated by a review board appointed by the management of WP3. The review board consisted of members representing academic personnel, general Lab coordination and students. The review was based on several criteria:

• needs and involvement of students;

• scientific content;

• innovation;

• structural and methodological appropriateness;

• value for the Alliance.


Six applications arrived by the deadline, and after detailed assessment, the review board decided to grant funding to all applicant teams. All courses are offered by teams of three FORTHEM universities.

The following courses will be offered in the Digital Academy during the second semester of the academic year 2021-2022: