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In addition to the education and research, there has been increasing pressure on the third mission of the Universities: Contribution to society. It involves multidisciplinary, complex, and developing practices linked to the social and economic mission of the Universities. To carry out the third mission, there is a need for a dialogue between university, industry, government, and society. Co-creation activities can be helpful in the development of new knowledge and innovation. Hence, many national and international funding programs, including Horizon Europe, require the engagement of citizens, civil society, and external stakeholders in different roles. FORTHEM Alliance partners have a wide range of expertise, approaches, and practices to enhance co-creation between the universities and external stakeholders. The important questions are: what, why, and how are those practices implemented in our universities?

Agenda: In this workshop, our keynote speaker, Professor Ari Väisänen (Department of Chemistry, University of Jyväskylä) will share his experience of co-creation with his network. How the collaboration started, what were the challenges and how to overcome them? Why university-industry collaboration is important? In the panel discussion, we will bring experts from the seven FORTHEM Universities together to discuss how co-creation actions are being conducted and supported at the different institutions, what the major challenges are, and what the results have been. Main aims are to identify best practices and to understand and overcome possible internal barriers in co-creation activities. Main target groups: Researchers, experts, and support service staff of the FORTHEM-universities who are involved or are interested in the co-creation with non-academic stakeholders.

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