The FORTHEM Alliance offers many possibilities for students: short term mobilities, internships in schools and other organisations, student exchange, civic engagement projects and many more. We have collected here the current offers available for our students.

The Buddy Programme

Who? First year students.

What? The FORTHEM Buddy Programme is a great opportunity to get to know fellow students from other universities within the FORTHEM Alliance. We'll be putyou in touch with other first-year students from other FORTHEM universities to form a Buddy group and get involved in a different activity every month, starting from the end of November. 

Why? The Buddy groups may even have a chance to meet in person later, for example by taking part in a FORTHEM short-term mobility programme. Participating in the Buddy Programme is a great way to start creating international networks, improve language skills and make friends

When? Registration to the Buddy Programme is now open, you can still sign up!

How? Registration form and more information

FORTHEM Collective Short Term Mobilities

Who? All FORTHEM Alliance students.

What? It's a 5-day intensive programme organised in the partner universities and/or other local actors. Students are invited to apply to these programmes according to their interests. See the list of the programmes organised in 2022

Why? If you are seleceted, you will receive a travel grant covering travel costs, accommodation and meals. This a great way to travel and learn more about your favourite subject abroad.

When?  The application deadline is 6th December 2021 for the mobilities during spring and summer 2022.

How? Detailed information and application instructions

More? Students can also go on individual short term mobilities to a FORTHEM university for up to 10 days. A travel grant is also given to students who go on individual short term mobilities. More information and application instructions.

Read a blog post about an individual short term mobility

FORTHEM Campus in Riga, Spring semester 2022

Who? Students from FORTHEM universities

What? The FORTHEM Campus for the spring semester 2022 will be organized in Riga, at the University of Latvia. The theme of the exchange is Resilience, Life quality and Demographic Changes. Studies and events related to this theme will be organised during the exchange period. Studies include disciplinary studies, transversal studies and open studies. Disciplinary studies are offered in business and economics, social sciences, law and biology. Detailed information about the FORTHEM Campus in Riga

How? Contact the International Office of your home university for further details on how to apply.


Who? Students from FORTHEM universities

What? Internship placements in FORTHEM universities, schools, companies and organizations in the region of the universities. The application round is always open, and the list of available internships is updated as soon as new placements become available.

When? The application round is always open, and the list of available internships is updated as soon as new placements become available.

How? See more information about the school internship placements (for teacher education students) and for the company internship placements (for all students).

Civic engagement projects 

Who? Groups formed of students of at least three FORTHEM universities.

What? Civic engagement projects are student-led volunteering projects about issues they are interested in.

Why? There is FORTHEM funding available for these projects, and the participating student groups will be supported with a course on project management.

How?  There are ready proposals for these Civic Engagement Projects from different organisations, but students can also propose a project.  More information and application instructions .


Who?  Students interesten in the research projects led by one of the seven FORTHEM Labs.

What? Connect with partners in one of the FORTHEM universities to work on these projects.

How? Contact your local team. More information on FORTHEM Labs. 


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