FORTHEM Alliance joined over 3000 other organizations in Europe and beyond in celebrating Erasmus Days 2021.

This year, we asked our students and staff to take a short quiz about the FORTHEM Alliance and their Erasmus experiences. The quiz featured general questions about FORTHEM and several interesting questions about Europe. In general, the participating students and staff members know FORTHEM well, and the answers reflect it.

Here are some of the most interesting answers we received to the special questions!


What is the strangest item you saw on a menu while  visiting another  country during the Erasmus programme? Did you taste it? 

  • “The strangest thing was the fish in tube, when I was in Norway, and I taste it.”
  • Pesto di caballo, which is raw horse meat with lemon, and the truth is that it wasn't bad.”
  • “Fried cucumber, of course!”

Which band has composed the best song about Europe or about a European city?

  • “Maybe ABBA, and their illusions about Greece.”
  • “The group "La Gossa Sorda", the song: " Camals Mullats", the city: València.”
  • “Europe: The final Countdown.”

If you redesigned the European flag, what would it look like?

  • “I would add more colours to the European flag.”
  • “If I could redesign it, it would be biodegradable.”
  • “I would remove one star.”
  • “Perhaps as it is now, but with a small picture of Europe in its background.”