The Faculty of Philology, Translation and Communication of the University of València is hosting the Sustainability Meeting of the FORTHEM Multilingualism in School and Higher Education Lab on 16–20 May 2022 (hybrid mode).

The meeting is conceived as a space for exchange of reflections on the first piloting period of the FORTHEM Alliance, as well as for discussion and proposals for the proper functioning of the Lab in the new funding period (i.e., our role in the Lab co-creation mission, new actions, outreach, cross-fertilisation with other Labs and cross-Alliance networks, etc.).

Please consult the provisional program and the abstract booklet and register online via by 16 May the latest or follow the QR code:



You will receive the Zoom access link after registration.

For further information, please contact


Welcome to the sustainability meeting!


Sergio Maruenda host of the event, University level Contact Person University of València

Tamás Péter Szabó and Petteri Laihonen Alliance level Contact Persons University of Jyväskylä