Photo by Collov Home Design on Unsplash

On 10th June 2022 in Riga, FORTHEM Steering Committee acknowledged the launching of the first joint office within the Alliance, which has been created as a result of actions in FIT FORTHEM WP6. The set-up and objectives of the Joint Research and Innovation Services and Policy Office are already agreed. The office will assist in research integration and liaising with policy-makers. It will make use of the research-related data, action plans and preliminary results developed by various FIT FORTHEM work packages for the alliance to exploit them in its further R&I activities. This virtual office will

- function as a contact point for the research managers from all partner universities

- provide targeted information on funding opportunities for joint projects

- connect existing structures within the alliance to upscale professional performance

- foster collaboration on R&I through trainings and match-making

Contact persons: Justine Biettron (uB) FIT FORTHEM Project manager and policy officer and Dr. Nina Straub (JGU) FIT FORTHEM Project manager &EU Research Funding Officer