The four FORTHEM summer school organised by professors and students’ associations of the University of Palermo have just ended, and the balance of this experience is more than positive.

The summer schools were: “Workshop: Palermo, a city of stratification of culture and dialogue”, organised by SEARCH association and proff. Margagliotta, Corrao and De Marco; “Sustainable Agrofood Production”, led by prof. Inglese’s team; "Migrants’ Rights in European Space”, hosted by prof. Todaro and his team and the last, which has recently concluded, “Practices of language mediation”, coordinated by proff. Rizzo and Rudvin.

95 students from all the partner universities took part in the four collective short-term mobilities, which were related to topics such as the intercultural dialogue, the importance of the correct nutrition, the protection of migrants and the language mediation.

The feedback received from students confirms that they are satisfied from their FORTHEM mobility experience, that allows them to deepen their knowledge of a certain study field and to discover Palermo’s beauty.