General facts

Internationally recognized research oriented, comprehensive national university

  • Ranked in QS, Times and Multirank

Learning environment created for students and by students

  • largest university in the country with more than 15 000 students
  • 18% of all the students in Latvia
  • 5% are international students from 66 countries
  • 1 year after completing the studies, 96% graduates find employment


Ensuring 45% of research impact of Latvia with priority fields of research

  • Innovative solutions in ICT and modeling
  • Nano- and Quantum technologies, Innovative Materials
  • Sustainable Use of Natural Resources
  • Health and Biomedicine
  • Critical Thinking, Competitiveness and Globalization
  • Lettonica, Diaspore and Intercultural Communication


Environment friendly and conscious university with modern energy efficient campus

  • Thermal piles and geothermal heat pump in basement
  • Rain water collected and reused
  • Ventilation system monitored by CO2 sensors
  • Motion sensors connected to led light sources
  • Double facade with air pillow for climate control
  • Hot houses on the roof, heated by surplus heat
  • Light channels with reflectory surfaces ensure daylight usage
  • Air generators for outer lighting
  • Cool roof technology

Fun facts

Punishment Cell [Karzer]

  • The main building of the UL has a historical designated lock-up or detention room to incarcerate students as a punishment
  • Oldest and most authentic Punishment Cell in Baltic States
  • Actively used 1869-1903
  • The students have left writings in 6 different languages (Polish, German, Russian, French, Latin, Latvian)
  • One could get incarcerated also for not giving back books to the library on time


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