One of nineteen public universities in Poland.

Although it seems to be a relatively young university – established in 1994 – it has a long academic tradition since it was founded as a result of joining one of the best Polish pedagogical academies – the Higher Pedagogical College in Opole and Opole branch of the Catholic University in Lublin. In 2020, it was merged with the State Medical Higher Vocational School.  

Its dynamic growth is reflected by enriching academic spheres of education with the most recent example, establishing studies in medicine with a University hospital. The university has a huge scientific potential, generated mainly by its award-winning staff and a multitude of specialist laboratories, IT and media centres, as well as by impressive library resources.

The University of Opole constantly expands and enriches its educational offer, establishes cooperation with research centres and business in the country and abroad, sends students for foreign internships and exchanges (e.g. Erasmus program, Europa Master Studies), funds them with scholarships, gives them the opportunity to pursue their passions in student government, clubs, in the fields of science, culture, entertainment and sport.

An extensive list of nearly 80 fields of study offered by the University of Opole guarantees comprehensive and thorough education. The university attracts foreign students from all over the world, giving them the unique opportunity to study in an international setting in the heart of Central Europe. They offer 10 study programmes in English: in Political Science and European Studies, Economics, Sociology Special Studies, Paleobiology as well as in Language and Literature. They also offer Polish and English courses for those who want to improve their language skills before starting their studies (e.g. for studying in English, minimum B2 level of English is usually required). For those who want to learn about Poland before deciding to study here, we recommend the Summer University, taking place from July to September.

Research. International cooperation

Conducting world-class research, commercialization and dissemination of its outcome is one of the key tasks of University of Opole. Their scientists, doctoral students and even undergraduates manage to receive numerous grants and scholarships (eg. Horizon, Jean Monnet, Visegrad Fund) to conduct projects and research programmes on a national and international scale. These projects are in various fields of science, often of interdisciplinary character, and are a great opportunity to start cooperation or to exchange experience with scientists from other research centres.


It is the first public university established after fall of communism and the first one to host a theological faculty.

It hosts a UNESCO Chair on Cultural Property Law and supervises a palaeontological excavation site in Krasiejów, which is considered to be one of the most valuable sites in the world. A sensational discovery was made there of Triassic proto-dinosaurs.


The University of Opole consists of twelve faculties.

  1. Faculty of Philology
  2. Faculty of Social Sciences
  3. Faculty of Theology
  4. Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science
  5. Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology
  6. Faculty of Economics
  7. Faculty of Law and Administration
  8. Faculty of Chemistry
  9. Faculty of Art
  10. Faculty of Medicine
  11. Faculty of Political Sciences and Social Communication
  12. Faculty of Health Sciences

Tne university also has nineteen research institutes, cooperating with other university units, which creates a dynamic, modern and versatile research and teaching body.



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