Food Science Lab Progress Meeting

The Progress Meeting of the Food Science Lab took place on Friday, 28th May with around 20 participants from the different partners universities of the alliance.

After a short introduction and some introductory points on FIT FORTHEM, Campus FORTHEM and its? partners’ interesting possibilities such as the financing of joint PhD, the participants have split up in four thematical groups: Sustainable Agronomy-Crop production, Biotechnology and microbiology for food, Food related to behaviour and Food transformation quality.  

During these parallel sessions, they spoke about different projects and outputs that are either in progress or planned in the frame of the Food Science Lab.  

For the wrap up session, each group presented their results and thoughts on future projects. Here are some activities that are established or which will be implemented within the Lab are among others:  

  • A uB master student’s internship in a laboratory at the UV (January-February 2021);  

  • A new planned  jointdegree in microbiology between the University of Burgundy and the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz with the integration of the other partners in the practical semester; 

  • Two planned shared tutored projects which will begin in September 2021; 

  • A first common publication in the domain of Biotechnology and Microbiology for Food is in progress; 

  • A uB bachelor student’s internship in a laboratory at UNIPA (April-July 2021);  

  • Participants also presented  external actions they are part of, and in which other alliance partners could join as well.  


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