Katarzyna Molek-Kozakowska (UO), Isabel Mendoza (UVEG), Mira Väyrynen (JYU) with contributions from Regional Impact Group

This blogpost summarizes a few months of campaigning to broaden the scope and engagement of external partners that could use FORTHEM and FIT FORTHEM resources, networks and expertise.

The Regional Impact Group with the FIT FORTHEM communications have compiled our Alliance’s best assets and presented them in a social media campaign to reach out to new audiences through LinkedIn and Twitter throughout the summer months of 2021.

Browse the possibilities partners have working with us and the rewards to collect. Our dedicated teams can also help in developing tailor-made solutions on request, so contact us:

With issues related to Research and Innovation contact FIT FORTHEM project team working in your region, or simply inquire with FORTHEM offices


What can you do?

  • participate in matchmaking workshops and other events by FORTHEM Alliance,
  • get involved in co-creation projects with FORTHEM Labs and exchange state-of-the art R&I practices,
  • lobby to shape R&I strategies of FORTHEM Alliance universities,
  • join us to advise on student projects to work on solutions you need,
  • consult with lecturers and suggest to include skills you need,
  • provide internships and mentor students from FORTHEM Universities.

What can you get?

  • expanded reach and visibility of your organization,
  • part in projects that develop solutions that can be exploited/co-owned by you,
  • partnership in grant proposals that answer to your needs,
  • opportunities to shape students’ real-life projects,
  • well-trained interns,
  • benefits from open research infrastructure and training programs,
  • business partners in our regions through FORTHEM.


What can you do?

  • sign up for or support FORTHEM in preparing courses, summer schools or webinars,
  • start networking with science managers on developing R&I practices that help your organization,
  • consult and contribute to policy briefs, white papers and academic publications,
  • help us initiate co-creation workshops and FORTHEM Lab pilot projects in your area,
  • support our students in devising and realizing civic engagement projects,
  • provide internships for the students of FORTHEM Universities.

What can you get?

  • expanded reach and visibility of your organization,
  • new partners with similar interests in the regions of the FORTHEM Alliance,
  • information and data you need,
  • firsthand access to educational and research agendas of the universities,
  • well-trained interns,
  • paths to additional financing through partnering with FORTHEM in applications for national and European-funded projects.


What can you do?

  • participate in surveys, joint meetings and events on European, national and regional R&I policies,
  • network and develop new policy ideas based on FORTHEM experiences,
  • get expert advice form researchers, science managers and administrators,
  • exchange best practices with equivalent institutions in partner countries,
  • lobby for the solutions that interest you.

What can you get?

  • answers to strategic questions,
  • valuable feedback with diverse local, national and European perspectives,
  • research-based policy inputs,
  • firsthand access to educational and research agendas that are developed in the FORTHEM Alliance,
  • networking with similar institutions to achieve common goals.


What can you do?

  • participate in academic conferences and events organized by the FORTHEM Alliance,
  • take part in surveys and working meetings to develop European R&I policies,
  • register for open training workshops and match-making events,
  • network and exchange best practices on such issues as open science, internationalization, academic careers, or science communication,
  • join us in writing grant applications and contribute to common projects and publications,
  • support us in reviewing and improving academic outputs.

What can you get?

  • increased level of international collaboration in your institution,
  • information about the latest developments in the academia, including research orientations and R&I agendas,
  • partners with specific expertise and experience,
  • access to resources and support networks hosted by FORTHEM universities,
  • invitations to join research teams and consortia,
  • increased funding opportunities with strong international R&I teams.



What can you do?

  • participate in workshops and pilot projects as representatives of the society,
  • join our current and future citizen science projects and assist in research activities,
  • take part in surveys to help shape European, national and regional R&I policy,
  • become our multiplier and an ambassador of the FORTHEM Alliance in your community.

What can you get?

  • representation of the citizen voice in an international academic network,
  • impact on institutional practices and research programs that reflects your interests,
  • priority access to universities and events (open days),
  • a voice of your community heard through FORTHEM universities’ media.


What can you do?

  • sign up for online teacher trainings or European summer schools for teachers at FORTHEM Alliance universities,
  • showcase your school internationally as a space for innovative teaching and development,
  • contribute to FORTHEM summer schools, pilot projects, and professional publications related to teacher training,  
  • add a European dimension to teaching in your classrooms,
  • provide school internships to FORTHEM students.

What can you get?

  • access to selected resources and expertise from the FORTHEM universities,
  • increased professional skills of your teachers in these challenging times,
  • attractive routes to self-development for your staff,
  • support of your curricular goals in selected FORTHEM Lab activities,
  • interns from other countries who bring native language skills and new pedagogical perspectives to your school,
  • new ERASMUS+ partners within FORTHEM regions.


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