FIT FORTHEM in Numbers – After Year One

The following numbers reflect the main areas of work done in the first year of FIT FORTHEM and reported to the General Assembly on 8 February 2022.

  • 1 handbook on project management created (living document) (WP1);
  • 10 workshops organized (WP2 & WP5);
  • 1 Horizon Europe Event organized together with the Representation of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate in Brussels to the EU (WP6);
  • 12 expert groups on R&I topics established, a network of over 100 people (WP2);
  • 1 book published with 86 good practices in R&I within FORTHEM Alliance selected (WP3);
  • 7 on site visits conducted to collect data on research repositories, plan for interoperability laid out (WP4);
  • research strongholds identified and resources selected for linking digital content (WP4);
  • 1 boot camp organized on Social Sciences and Humanities (WP2);
  • 7 multilingual glossaries published with R&I terminology used in workshops (WP2);
  • 5 case studies of co-creation for labs selected for funding and supported (WP5);
  • 1 cross-alliance progress conference co-organized (1st TORCH Annual Forum) (WP7);
  • 1 student involvement meeting organized (WP7).

In total

  • 16 deliverables submitted already (out of the planned 45);
  • 500 people involved in our activities at our institutions, plus external partners participating in events and focus groups;
  • Approximately 122 countable PM (41%) spent on work for FIT FORTHEM in the first year;
  • More than 250 hours spent in meetings (around 20 h/week);

More is planned for the rest of 2022!


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