The aim of this Lab is to address digital challenges in the context of the European Union. From a multidisciplinary perspective, the objective is to analyse, and research about current and relevant issues related to the digitization process in which societies are immersed.
Societies are in a process of constant digitization, a situation that has been further aggravated by the Covid-19 health crisis. Everyone's access to technology has led to substantial changes in human relations, both on a professional and personal level.
The process of digital transformation is not restricted to a particular subject or area, but its extension to all daily issues of society requires detailed studies from an international and multidisciplinary perspective.
A matter of unquestionable relevance, because it directly or indirectly affects all EU Member States, is the challenge posed by the taxation of multinationals as a result of the impact of the digitization of the economy. This phenomenon has made it necessary to update, amend or adapt the existing international allocation criteria for taxing multinational entities.
The digitization of the economy has also generated many other legal issues, which not only have an impact on the tax sphere, but, in one way or another, must also be studied from other legal branches.
The objective of this Lab also focuses on other areas that are changing our society. The impact on societies of phenomena such as big data, artificial intelligence, block chain and Augmented and Virtual Reality, are just some of the issues that must be analysed.
The impact of the digital transformation has also led to new scenarios in the context of learning techniques and education methods at all levels. The role of digital education is conceived as a teaching medium as successful as traditional education, and with the advantage of reaching all people regardless of their location.

Therefore, it is clear that all these technologies affect many of our social areas and are changing the way we live and interact. The Lab will start with this broad scope and at the same time focus on many issues of everyday life.


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