First Progress Meeting

The Progress Meeting took place last 4th of May in Teams environment. The aim of the meeting was to analyse the evolution and the future goals of the lab.  

There were 30 participants from the different partner universities of Forthem Alliance and it was very fruitful and productive in terms of exchanging different information from all parts involved.

During the meeting several issues concerning the lab were discussed and the team leaders presented the evolution and progress of the developed projects of the four existing modules:

  1. Digitalization of the economy
  2. Artificial intelligence upon societies (Smart cities and Health)
  3. Political, legal, social and cultural issues
  4. Knowledge, education, and new teaching techniques

The lab is also preparing a new project together with Fit Forthem that is worth highlighting: the Match-making Workshop which will be held on 17th June.

Some of the most important aspects of holding such meetings are synergies, good practices and the future expectations that result from them.


05/12/2021 20:16

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