On the 10th and 11th May, took place the first Progress Meeting of the Lab “Diversity and Migration”, for showing the outputs developed within the Lab and also new proposals.

The meeting had 56 participants, not only from the Partner Universities.

During the first part, Professor Sabine Hoffmann introduced the Digital Academy and the linked opportunities for students and academic staff and Mira Väyrynen presented the FIT FORTHEM project, a new project developed by the Alliance for enhancing research and innovation.

After this preliminary introduction, Professors and Students talked about the realized outputs or about outputs that are to be developed.

During the last year, the Lab produced the following outputs:

- the Lecture series “Mobility and Migration in Europe”, which took place in February 2021;

- the Webinar “Invisible Virus – Invisible Victims. ​Migrants in Europe and the Impact of the Covid Crisis”​ which took place on 20 and 21 April 2021;

- the digital workshop “Navigating in the System”, that took place on January 14, 2021.

For the following months, the Lab is planning the following outputs:

- a scientific publication, whose title will be “In & Out - The Migrants Rights in the European Space” and will be divided into three sections: Housing Policy for Migrants, Human Rights and Migration, Language(s) and Migration;

- the Media Collection, a website with media productions and a conceptual analysis and literature review, about migrants and media in the Partner countries.

- a Course in International Racism in Higher Education, aimed at raising awareness on discriminatory mechanisms within our Universities;

- a Conference organized by the University of Opole during next September, “New Challenges for Borderlands Studies: Regional, European and Global Perspectives”;

- “Winter school on Belonging and Non-Belonging in Europe” (in collaboration with Experiencing Europe Lab) that will take place in February 2022;

- a Digital Academy course on Migration and diversity narratives.

After a students’ session, that will be the focus of another blog post, the meeting had a brainstorming session: professors proposed a meeting in Palermo during next year, and also to disseminate the results of the research for people not involved in FORTHEM, through a publication or a website.

From the meeting emerged that the Lab worked hard during this year, also for the huge application of the virtual tools, and all the team is working in a multidisciplinary context for creating new and interesting outputs, useful for the community of researchers, for the civil society and for putting a spotlight and discuss about migrants’ problems, increasing the discussion on these themes and finding solutions.

The survey submitted to participants shows a general high satisfaction of the meeting. Only the feedback on technical aspects was bad due to a troll who disturbed relators during their speeches. This inconvenient taught us the importance of MS Teams security settings ☺


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