Valencia Internship in Molecular Biology

We have had the pleasure to help one of our Alliance's students, Louis Prudent find an internship in Valencia, Spain, and let him gain an enriching experience abroad. Louis Prudent has worked with a Laboratory in Molecular Biology from the 4th of January to the 26th of February. He was able to find the offer through our FORTHEM Lab members, and worked in one of UV's laboratories. This collaboration adds to the other opportunities for us to strenghten our ties with Spain and to create new networks.

Thank you Louis for your work!

following is a short interview to get our student's insight of the internship

Short interview

  • When, where and for how long did your mobility last? Was it your first time abroad? 

“I did my internship in Valencia, Spain, in January and February 2021 (for my first year of master). It wasn’t my first experience abroad. I’ve been to Galway, Ireland too, to do an internship for my DUT.” 


  • Why did you choose that particular internship? Did you integrate well? How was it?  

“I contacted FORTHEM when I was searching for an internship, and I specified in my cover letter that I wanted to do an internship in molecular biology which is an area that I am passionate about. I didn’t have any preference concerning the country of destination, I just wanted to improve my level of English. I knew that usually with exchange students, research laboratories work in English, no matter which country you are in. I also wanted to live in another country for a while and discover new things, all the while knowing that this experience would be a good asset in my resume.  

I integrated quite well in the laboratory, everyone was welcoming and nice, and I assume that it is the case for most partners coming from Dijon. They are used to working with exchange students, and also, those research laboratories usually have a high number of students there.” 


  • What reasons would you give to students to go do an internship abroad? What have you learned from that experience?  

“I think that if a student wants to improve his English, meet new people, extend his network and add some skills on his resume, he should definitely go for it! It is really a beautiful social, professional and cultural experience! 

I am aware that it can be scary to go abroad alone, and seems difficult at first. Also I know that not everyone wants to go abroad, but I think if a person is thinking about it, he shouldn't hesitate. 

Knowing that you are leaving for a fixed time, and that you are going to work with people who accept and are waiting for you to come, is quite reassuring. Everyone I know who has done an internship abroad, like me, has good memories.” 


  • Would you go back?  

“Of course, I would give everything to go abroad again for my second year internship!“ 


  • What was your favorite moment? What was your least favorite moment? 

“I didn't really have a particular favorite moment, I loved my entire internship from the moment things fell into place little by little and I started to work, and create more affinity with my colleagues and other Erasmus students I had met. 

The moment I least enjoyed was leaving!” 


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