The University of Palermo is pleased to announce the publication of the book "Pandemia in Translation", by professors Antonio Lavieri and Alessandra Pera (University of Palermo), in collaboration with professors Barbara Curylo (University of Opole), and María Torres Pérez (University of Valencia).

The book is the result of the intense work carried out by teachers of FORTHEM's Experiencing Europe Lab. It addresses issues related to the COVID-19 virus pandemic and aims to help understanding its symbolic impact and which European values are involved in the current situation.

The adopted approach is comparative, both from the point of view of the disciplines through which the phenomenon is studied, such as law and languages, and from the point of view of multiculturalism and multilingualism that characterize the FORTHEM Alliance.

The experience linked to the COVID-19 virus is critically examined in its multiple trajectories, addressing the new global pandemic as a way to translate (and reconfigure) cultural differences and social experience.

The publication, edited by Mucchi Editore, is open-access and it is available here.


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