Verses without Borders

FORTHEM Alliance Partners participated in the uB research unit’s events linked to the ‘Springtime of Poets’

The uB InterLanguages Center research unit held a series of events linked to the ‘Springtime of Poets’ which is one of the national and international manifestations from the French department of Culture and which takes place every year. Several FORTHEM Alliance partners were welcomed to participated.  

The first outcome was the creation of a blog called “Vers du temps : poèmes sans frontières” with one main objective: to gather poems in numerous different languages, whether they be old or newly written ones. This year's theme is ‘Desire’, and anyone can contribute and enrich the blog. 

The second outcome was the arrangement of a live event on YouTube on May 19th, where Alliance Partners community members participated to read the poems. Here is the link to watch the event again.  

Have fun reading and hearing poems! 


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