Participant gives feedback about the First Annual Student Conference "Europe Today and Tomorrow"

The Short-Term Mobility Programme “Europe Today and Tomorrow” took place on May 6 and 7, 2021

One of the Short-Term Mobilities programme organized was a conference, which gathered students from all levels of study from the seven partner universities to let them exchange ideas and thoughts through workshops and presentations about Europe’s challenges today and in the future.  

We had the opportunity to interview one of the participants to the conference, Laura Kadile, Mg.iur., a lawyer and doctoral researcher from the University of Latvia. Laura specializes in civil law and health law and has gained her experience while working in a law office, giving lectures and seminar sessions to students, as well as attending scientific conferences, leading presentations and other seminars and publishing scientific papers. Her topic of research at the FORTHEM conference was: "Assessment of decision-making capacity as precondition for protection of patients' rights in Latvia".


Below is her insight about the conference: 

  • Why did you decide to apply for a Collective Short-Term Mobility with FORTHEM? 

“I have always searched for any opportunities for me as a doctoral researcher,  publishing my research results, therefore I was very honoured to take a part in this  mobility, even though I was not able to go to France because of the Covid”.  

  • Was the registration process simple? 

“Yes, I did not find it onerous. No changes needed”.  

  • Overall, how would you rate the event? 

“The mobility program was successful, despite the fact, it took place online”.   

  • What did you like most about the event? 

“The overall organisation from the side of the organisation team”.  

  • What did you like the least? 

“Even though the mobility program was planned only for few days, many participants  were not able to attend and take an active role during the discussion parts.  Considering, that the mobility program first was planned abroad, there would not be  any opportunity not to be present, therefore I was feeling uncomfortable during  some of the discussions”. 

  • Do you have any special remarks regarding the conduct and organization of the event? 

“I must express my gratitude to the hole organisation team for planning and  organising this event, for answering to our emails and reminding us of the important  dates, that we need to consider. Very special thanks to Ms. Claire Breniaux”. 

  • Do you have any particular remarks regarding the content of the event? 

“Yes, as I was already mentioning it during the event, I would be honoured to take a  part in a conference regarding the Covid-19 impact on several sectors and areas in 7  member states, that are a part of Forthem alliance”.   

  • How do you think this event could have been improved?  

“I would be interested to not only take part at the conference with my presentation  and having the discussions in groups but having the opportunity to submit a paper  after the conference, summarizing the research conclusions in scientific articles”. 

  • Would you eventually consider attending a similar activity again in the future? Why? 

“Yes, definitely, I will be applying for the mobility program in the next year as well”.  


If needed more information on how to contact Laura Kadile, please contact us at




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