Alexis Gorce, uB student gives us his input on his mobility in Valencia.

End of June 2021, Alexis Gorce had the opporunity to participate in a collective short term mobility on Fermented Foods at the University of Valencia with other students from our partner universities. Below here is his answers to a few questions we have asked him after his return from Spain:


  • Where, when and for how long have you left? Was it your first time abroad?

The mobility on Fermented Food was a week long, from the 28th of June to the 2nd of July in Valencia, Spain. I had been abroad before that with my parents but never myself only, and more so, to study.

  • Why did you chose that particular mobility programme, and how was the hospitality in the partner country? How well do you think the mobility went?

This mobility programme was the perfect deal for me since I am currently taking a master’s degree in Food Science and also since I would like to pursue my studies in food microbiology. Improving my English was also one of my main motivations. Also, I thought that a one week mobility had less constraints than mobilities that last several months. When I arrived, I was hosted in a new student dorm in a well equipped room. I received a warm welcome from everyone there, teachers, other students and also the people who worked in the dorm. Some students from the University of Valencia guided us around town, and showed us nice restaurants and bars to go to. Everything was well organised so that my day could end at around 5pm which allowed me to have enough free time to enjoy and visit the city and also go out for drinks next to the sea!

  • Why would you recommend this type of short-term mobility to other students ? What have you learned from this experience?

It was quite a unique experience for me, I met new people from all countries, which means I discovered how other people live and learned their traditions and habits. It was also truly enriching and interesting to go beyond what we usually learn about and discover new disciplines. My level of English has definitely improved, even after a week. Overall I would say that this kind of project is always personally enriching and that everyone should be able to enjoy such an experience, especially with all the help we are provided with.

  • Would you go back again?

Yes I would like to take part in this kind of mobility again. Within my week there I have met and befriended other students, and we would all like to see each other again in another mobility about biology. We think it would be fun to discover each other’s countries!

  • What was your favorite and least favorite moment?

I absolutely adored eating a real paëlla with my new friends there, especially in such a beautiful setting as the historic center of Valencia. It was really a good time, to share laughs with others, walk around and enjoy the nice weather! However, there was this intervention about the protection of intellectual property, and we  had to go through the whole legal aspect which is something that I am not very passionate about, unfortunately.


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