During the Progress Meeting of the Lab “Diversity and Migration”, took place a students’ session where I had the opportunity, with my Polish colleague Marcin Deutschman, to ask questions about students’ engagement on FORTHEM, for better figuring out how increase students’ participation.

We used “Mentimeter” for asking 4 questions and automatically create some word clouds.

What should students do FORTHEM? What kind of activities would they like to do? What can we do to engage you and your friends into FORTHEM activities? What do you need to engage into FORTHEM activities?

From this discussion emerged some interesting issues:

- sometimes students are often apprehensive about joining the project because they do not know the amount of work required and do not understand exactly what kind of activities they will have to perform.

- it should be useful create events where “students ask to students” about FORTHEM.

Here two-word clouds of the session.

For the next months it would be necessary give more information to students and overcoming their doubts about the project, allowing them to exploit the various and important opportunities the Project provide for.





What a great article. Lots of helpful info. Thanks for sharing.

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08/10/2021 08:55

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