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Food Science Lab

Food and its production are the most central supporting pillars of human society. The Food Science Lab investigates the different societal factors related to food, food production, their relationship to the environment, and more.

Climate and Resources Lab

Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges for human civilization. The Climate and Resources Lab deals with issues related to global warming and increasingly scarce Earth resources with through science and education.

Diversity and Migration Lab

Different migratory movements have always shaped societies, and contemporary Europe is no different in this regard. The Diversity and Migration Lab analyzes the different political and social factors that shape migration policies, including the role of NGOs and private networks.

Multilingualism in School and Higher Education Lab

A globalising world has an increased need for the understanding of different languages. The Multilingualism in School and Higher Education Lab improves our understanding on how societal challenges related to increasing multilingualism can be addressed, particularly in the field of education.