Photo: Unsplash/ Kevin Bhagat

The Call for Company Internships within the FORTHEM alliance is open! This is one of the Outreach activities planned by FORTHEM, open to all FORTHEM students and with the purpose to promote internships abroad.

Up to 70 internship places are offered to students in 2020, giving them a chance to get an insight into organisations from our partner countries. Each university of our alliance provides up to 10 places. The successful candidates will not only work at companies located in the surroundings of our seven universities. Furthermore, they will be pioneers in a new company network, which is likely to develop after this first Company Internships call. Funding for the internships will be based on the ERASMUS Traineeship program.

COVID-19 pandemic has been taken into account and so far, some virtual internships are being offered. Pandemic also may affect student mobility; in applying internships, students need to follow the guidelines given by the sending university in order to ensure funding possibilities, and possibilities to gain ECTS credits from their internship period.

The application for 2020 is open until the 31st December 2020 and the traineeship might also start in January 2021. Please note that the companies may have their own deadlines.