Call for short-term mobilites

Among many actions taking place within the FORTHEM alliance, one of them is short-term student mobility between all 9 alliance universities. Every year, approximately ten collective short-term mobility activities are proposed to students, giving them a chance to take part in a week-long (5 days on site) group activity as part of a group of approximately 25 students, coming from all of the FORTHEM partner universities, who will meet physically on site in one university city.

This fourth call for projects is covering actions from 1st March 2023 to 29th February 2024.

The deadline for submission of the applications is 12th September 2022.


The goal of the alliance is to create an inclusive European Higher Education network, a “European University” promoting student and staff mobility and facilitating the emergence of new forms of cooperation. This involves overcoming current barriers to mobility, promoting exchanges and coordinated teaching between partners assisted by strengthened language teaching and also employing linguistic mediation technology solutions, as part of a seamless virtual campus.

New Funding period

The current funding period ends in autumn 2022. The notification on the success of the application for the next funding period 2022-2026 will come during the summer break so we will be able to make the selection in autumn and start the mobilities in March 2023 as scheduled.

The 10 activities will be organised in all partner universities (1 or 2 activities per university), based on proposals made in response to this call for projects. FORTHEM Alliance will provide the students with the financial support to help them with transport and living costs during the mobility. Organisers or hosting universities will receive 500€ for coffee breaks, goodies, visits… (more details below).

Covid-19 Impact : Due to ongoing unpredictable Covid-19 situation, please consider developing a virtual/hybrid version of the programme which could replace a physical mobility in case traveling will not be possible.

When planning the day-by-day programme, the organisers should also take into consideration the traveling days (students will be coming from all parts of Europe). In practical terms, we advise not to start the programme before the afternoon/evening on a first day and finish in the morning of the last day. Alternatively, there can be some optional cultural activities on the first morning and the last afternoon.  

  1. Selected projects will be advertised through the FORTHEM alliance network and a centralised call for student applications will be launched in autumn 2022 for activities which will be organised in between March 2023 and August 2023.
  2. A new call for student applications will be launched in spring 2023 for the activities planned between September 2023 and February 2024.

Projects should be presented by a student association or staff member of a FORTHEM partner university and be validated by their home university.

The duration of the activity should not exceed 5 days on site, and the total number of student participants expected should generally be around 30 (including up to 24 participants from 8 partner universities).

The planned activity should take place between 1st March 2023 and 29th February 2024, and details should be given on how the 500€ is planned to be used and on how any additional organisation costs generated by the planned activity will be covered by the organisers.

  1. FORTHEM Alliance will help the students with financial support to help them with transport and living costs during the mobility.
  2. Organisers will receive a FORTHEM funding of 500 EUR to cover coffee breaks, lunches etc.
  3. Any additional costs generated by the activity are not covered by the FORTHEM budget. Organisers will need to make provisions to cover these costs. If you want to invite guest lectures from other FORTHEM universities, they can apply for Erasmus+ STA/STT funding.
  4. The local FORTHEM Office will provide assistance in managing student applications and selection process.
  5. At the end of the selected activities, certificates will be provided by local FORTHEM Office and transcripts (for the activities that will award ECTS) will be provided to participants by the organisers. Organisers will be required to submit an attendance list and a 2-page report to the local FORTHEM office within 2 months of the end of the activity, giving feedback and suggestions for future activities.


Applicants wishing to organise a short-term collective mobility supported by FORTHEM mobility funding should fill out the application form, giving details of the activity planned, the structures involved and anticipated funding, as well as any requirements to be met by future student applicants. It is also possible to send the application to the local FORTHEM Office by email including all the information from the online form.

Application form is open until Monday  12th of September 2022.

Selection criteria and review process

Blended learning activities with minimum of 3ECTS and all other innovative forms of collaboration will be given priority. Examples of our previous short-term activities can be found here. Other possible activities might include:

  1. A sports tournament bringing together players from the different partner universities.
  2. A cultural gathering on a particular theme, linked to a local or regional event.
  3. An extended event organised by an association on a specific topic.

Organizers are encouraged to define the scope of the programme in ECTS credits in order to make the credit transfer process for programme participants easier and, whenever possible, award ECTS credits for programme participants after successful completion of the programme. This is not required from student organizations.

Applications will be reviewed by the representatives from all alliance universities. The following criteria will be applied in establishing the final selection of 10 projects to be funded:

  1. Quality and innovation of the proposed programme (feasibility, contents, structure, planned organisation)
  2. Coherency with overall objectives of the FORTHEM alliance (mobility, research and innovation, regional and civic outreach)
  3. Provisions by organisers to cover organisational costs other than student mobility
  4. Representativity of all universities of the alliance in the final selection (1 or 2 projects from each partner university)
  5. Diversity and inclusion of various student profiles and interests within all of the selected projects (variety of projects)

Applicants will be notified of the results of the selection process by the 5th of October 2022.