By 2022, the alliance will have set up 7 living FORTHEM Labs for education, research and innovation on topics which reflect our areas of special expertise and are of crucial societal relevance. The outputs of the Labs will include new online teaching material for FORTHEM Digital Academy, new intensive courses, joint scientific publications and final reports of civic engagement projects.

Five topics already identified (2 remaining topics will be selected by our students):

  • Diversity and Migration
  • Experiencing Europe
  • Multilingualism in School and Higher Education
  • Food Science
  • Digital Transformation



Each FORTHEM Lab will choose 2 forms of collaborative work

  1. Developing one new e-learning material for the FORTHEM Digital Academy
  2. Producing one joint scientific publication
  3. Joint supervision of a BA-/MA-/PhD-thesis
  4. Organising one short term mobility activity, e.g. a summer school
  5. Supporting one civic engagement project with local associations
  6. Working on a report for public dissemination (e.g. how to integrate migrants in HEI?)