Date: Thursday 17.02.2022

Agenda: click here.

Open science is one of the key topics for the future of R&I and much more than open access to publications and data. Open Science constitutes a radical transformation in the way of doing scientific research. It is a new model based on collaborative work between academics and on the openness and transparency of all phases of research, not only the final publication, but also collecting data, peer review, and evaluation criteria, among other aspects.

Open science requires a cultural change in academia. In this workshop the FIT FORTHEM team wants to bring together experts from all FORTHEM partners and discuss:

  • • how open science is organized at their institutions,
  • • what the major challenges are,
  • • what kind of internal and external support services researchers can rely on
  • • what commonalities are shared by FORTHEM partners The aim is to exchange best practices and understand and jointly overcome possible barriers.

At the end the workshop we aim to gather conclusions and proposals to develop the open science strategy.

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